Horizon Window Treatment - They sold me poor quality roller shades

New York, New York 1 comment

I went to Horizon Window Treatments in NYC for 2 roller shades for my apartment. The shades and the quality of the hardware were poor quality.

One of the shades came with holes and lines on it. It also was installed incorrectly and was leaning against the handles of the window which created an indentation on the shade.The other shade was fraying and the wrong pole was used for the weight of this fabric which created a bowing on the pole.

When I asked the person who sold me the product to come and see it, he flat

right denied coming back. The installer also did not attached the latch at the bottom of the cord which is illegal because of child safety regulations. They took my cash and ran with it. I WAS ROBBED!



The installers are not doing quality work......seem to be using cheap labor with little skill or knowledge of what they are doing.

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